Filter Limits on Characters in Microsoft Excel?

Answer Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application with a host of functions and features to make routine and complex accounting possible through a system of cells, rows, columns and formulas. While searc... Read More »

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In Microsoft Excel how can you limit the amount of characters allowed into a cell?

It seems that you may have two problems to solve here: • Only allowing the correct number of characters to be entered in the first place. • Leaving the original data as it was entered, but... Read More »

Does microsoft access have an auto filter like excel?

Similar to the Microsoft Excel database, the Microsoft Access database also has a function known as Filter. This function can be used to sort out data and view only those records that meet the crit... Read More »

How to Turn Off Filter Arrows in Microsoft Excel 2007?

If you have a Microsoft Excel 2007 spreadsheet with lots of raw data organized in columns, you may use filters to sort data in alphabetical or numerical order, or even filter out some data that doe... Read More »

What year did Microsoft release Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for Windows?

Microsoft Windows was released in 1987. Microsoft Excel was one of the first programs released for Windows. From 1987 until 1992, with Microsoft releases of Excel 2.0 and 3.0, no other spreadsheet ... Read More »