Film scanner how does it work?

Answer Could I suggest you download and install FastStone Image Viewer? This is a FREE programme that will allow you to convert your scanned negatives into positive images. i.e. to photos.If you don't as... Read More »

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What is a film scanner?

Film scanners, also called slide scanners, create digital images from slides or film negatives. Film scanners work in a similar way to other types of scanners, using light and visual recording tech... Read More »

What film scanner would you recommend from the following two?……The Epson review is rather incomplete, but it gives enough information that it's roughly the same effective pix... Read More »

A film scanner that scans 127 slides?

Photoshop can work with any scanner as long as your scanner supports it. To scan 127 slides isn't an issue. HP G-4010 can scan 12 slides at a time. But if oyu need a bigger scanner, you will have t... Read More »

Which is the best slide film scanner for 35 mm 120 and 5"x7"trannies?

A drum scanner would be the highest quality, but it would also cost you a lot more.Epson makes the Perfection V750, which replaced the V700, which replaced the V4990, which replaced the V3200. All ... Read More »