Film Grain Vs. Digital Nosie?

Answer If I were you I'd go with the digital.Although I couldn't find anywhere to compare the grain vs. noise of the two cameras, the source link has some good examples of noise at higher iso's. The test ... Read More »

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How do I get rid of film grain with Photoshop?

Click "File", then "Open," then "Browse", and locate the picture. Double-click it to open it in Photoshop.Click the "Clone" tool on the Tools palette on the left side of the screen; the tool looks ... Read More »

How to get rid of film grain on my panasonic HD camcorder?

There are several "DVCPRO HD P2" camcorders - too bad you did not tell us which one.Generally, "grainy video" means lighting issues. Either your interpretation of "the lighting is good" is differen... Read More »

How (or) is it possible to reduce film grain on blu-ray movies using aspect ratio?

Aspect ratio has nothing to do film grain, which is considered a "feature" (to emulate the film experience).If you don't like film-grain, see if your TV has any special input filters options (calle... Read More »

I want to get my gf a digital camera for Christmas but I can't find any digital film to go with it?

Sadly, when I got my first digital camera as a gift, I went out looking for film. Thankfully, the nice young men who worked the counter explained it all to me...and they didn't really laugh at me a... Read More »