Fillter the water or leave it straight from the tap?

Answer I filter mine because I now live in a major US city. Most of our water supply where I live now comes from the local rivers (we're considered "river sippers" here) and I just feel better about it i... Read More »

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Do you leave your computer monitor slanted or straight?

The important thing isn't how you choose to have the monitor as that is down to preference. What is important is that you are not twisting yourself in any way to view it as this can lead to some VE... Read More »

Could i leave my external hardrive and my laptop on for 6days straight?

Is it safe to leave my desktop computer on for a straight week?

i guess if you don't mind a high electricity bill, it shouldn't like blow up or try to eat your house... though that would be cool

Would i look good if i dye my hair blonde or leave it the same and get straight bangs (pic included)?

DON'T GO BLONDE. You have such a nice color!! If you insist on dying it, get dark brown highlights. I think that the camilla belle bangs would look really pretty :-)