Filler Tattoo Ideas?

Answer Whether you have a few tattoos or a ton of tattoos, you may consider converting them into one larger piece or have them flow into one another. Determining what type of imagery would fit best in the... Read More »

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Substitute Teacher Time Filler Ideas?

Entering an unfamiliar classroom and leading students through the day can be a daunting experience for substitute teachers. Deciphering another teacher's plans and timing activities so they fill ea... Read More »

Bad Tattoo Ideas?

A person can express his individuality and personality through tattoo choice, but even a well-thought-out tattoo can spell disaster. Once you get a tattoo it will stay on you for life; removal is a... Read More »

Sun Tattoo Ideas?

The sun is something we encounter daily without giving it much thought. While we may not always think about the effect it has on our existence, the sun makes a great tattoo concept because it has m... Read More »

Owl Tattoo Ideas?

A tattoo can be a great form of self expression. This addition of body art is something that you should plan out ahead of time because it will become a permanent part of your body. An owl is a uniq... Read More »