"Files of type" default is Works WP rather than Word. How can I fix?

Answer You must have an option to select the default file type. Although I am not familiar with Works, every word processor that I am familiar with has such an option. Select Word 97-2003, ".doc".

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How do I convert MS Works files to Word?

Save in WorksCreate a file in Works and save it in the default Works format, which has a ".wps" extension.Open in WordOpen the Works file in Word in one of two ways. Click the Office Button, then c... Read More »

Can Microsoft Works 9.0 read Word files?

Microsoft Works 9.0 can read and edit Word files in the absence of the Microsoft Word program. Files written in Microsoft Works 9.0 also can be saved as Word documents--with a .doc or a .docx file ... Read More »

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