Files not showing up on USB?

Answer 2 reasons!!1.May be the files are hiddenMake sure the hidden folders are set to visible to view them!2.May be the files got corrupted and system tried to delete it and error had occurred! If you n... Read More »

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Files in my SD card are showing as shortcuts?

Are the files showing 1KB or 2? If so, you sure unable to open them. Because probably your SD card has infected certain kind of virus or malware.Please see this article http://www.anysoftwaretools.... Read More »

Browsing history stops showing until I empty temporary internet files or C-Cleaner?

Hey!Most likely your Browser history file crashed. Re-install your browser and it should work fine. This time make sure you clean your browser's history and cache every now and then.Good luck!â‚® á... Read More »

Is there a maximum size for .mkv files given your Blu Ray Player can play .mkv files?

I do not think the MKV file size matters. When you burn MKV to DVD, do your simply convert the file into DVD without transcode codec? Or you have convert MKV to DVD in VOB format (MPEG-2)? Both of ... Read More »

Where should I upload the files on internet for others to download these files?

Mediafire :D free and perfect for small files.