Filename, Directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect USB drive?

Answer it seems that the usb was caught with virus. try scan your usb drive with a file recovery program, it should find files recoverable and hope that this way you can get some files back if not all. yo... Read More »

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What is a volume label for a drive?

A volume label for a drive is a name you give the storage medium to identify it from other drives. You can change the volume label in Windows under the "General" tab in the Properties window.Source... Read More »

How Do I Make a Directory on a Flash Drive?

Open the Flash Drive's DirectoryInsert your flash drive in a USB port on your computer. If you are using a Windows system, a removable disk dialogue box will appear. Select "Open folder to view fil... Read More »

I was told saving files in the root directory of a Mac's hard drive is a bad idea. Is it And why?

UNIX based operating systems allow for more discrete options in organizing your files into partitions. The "root" partition is generally sized fairly small and contains core operating system files... Read More »

How do I write a 301 redirect from my main directory to a sub-directory?

301 is very close to 360, which of course is a complete circle. so it would come back towards you.Try a 180 to go away from you..