File a suit in Proper person?

Answer In Proper Person is from the Latin, in propria persona, often shortened to "in pro per." It means that you are acting on your own behalf, without the assistance of an attorney. The more common term... Read More »

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Proper Suit Etiquette?

First impressions count in the workplace, especially if you are in the corporate environment. A great personality goes a long way, but presenting yourself well can take you the extra mile when repr... Read More »

When Is it Proper to Wear a Seersucker Suit?

A seersucker suit can often be a eye-catching fashion statement. Some think of those who wear seersucker suits as snobs or arrogant. That being said, not every occasion is the right one for you to ... Read More »

Can a tan person suit blonde hair?

Yes go for it, tan and anything goes well :)and Mariah Carey *drools*

How to Be a Proper Person?

The key for living a rewarding and successful life is striking that balance between too much of one thing and too much of the other.