File Formats for pictures?

Answer The most compatible and compact format is .JPG. However, I don't what quality it's saving the .JPG (.JPG format is compressed) at or if you can change it. If you want a high quality picture (at t... Read More »

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What are the two main file formats for saving digital pictures in a digital camera?

JPG and a native (proprietary) RAW format. TIF used to be common, but no more.JPG is a "lossy" compressed format, limited to 8 bits of information per RGB chanel, per pixel. The term "lossy" means ... Read More »

File formats, can anyone explain?

See the links for a general primer of video (and audio) file formats and an article on the MKV format (actually one of several extensions supported by the Matroska container (2nd link)).While many ... Read More »

Video file formats My dvd cant play it HELP?

You have to transcode the files into something the DVD player can understand, and you need to down-convert the video to something close to 480 lines because DVD players can only output standard def... Read More »

Which file formats do Husqvarna embroidery machines use?

Husqvarna embroidery machines are able to use the following file formats: .pec, .pes, .vip, .hus, .sew, .exp, .pcs, .dst, .10, .bmp, .jpg, .pcx, .psd, .eps, .pcd, .tif, .png, .wmf, and .emf. These ... Read More »