File Drawer Removal Instructions?

Answer There are a variety of reason why you may need to remove a file drawer. It may be because the drawer needs realignment or an item was dropped behind it and needs to be retrieved or the cabinet is t... Read More »

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How many linear file inches are in a four-drawer file cabinet?

The total linear inches in a four-drawer file cabinet depend on the size of the cabinet, since dimensions vary slightly among cabinet manufacturers. For example, a four-drawer cabinet measuring 53... Read More »

Do you say file "drawer" or file "draw"?

Why would they say draw? That must be an accent thing. I say drawer. That's the proper pronunciation. It irks me when people add an "r" to everything that ends in an "a". Most people from the ... Read More »

Not a guideline for file drawer arrangement?

Drawers may not contain more than 100 records each

What are the file folder drawer arrangement guidelines?

drawer exteriors must be labeled with enough infodrawers follow the same order as your file planhanging folders are never labeledfolders must have guide cards & disposition control labels for each ... Read More »