Figurative Language Activities for the Third Grade?

Answer Third grade is a wonderful year to begin introducing students to more advanced writing skills, such as figurative language. According to an article on the Orange Unified School District website, fi... Read More »

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Figurative Language Interactive Activities?

Figurative language refers to words that deviate from their typical meanings. Hyperbole, for example, is a gross exaggeration, frequently to comedic affect, such as the phrase, "I could eat a horse... Read More »

Hands on Figurative Language Activities?

A writer uses figurative language, or tropes, to transcend literal meaning and to paint a more enthralling picture for his audience. Among the types of figurative language are simile, metaphor, ima... Read More »

Figurative Language Activities for Speech Therapy?

Speech therapists have many different jobs, depending on the needs of the students they work with. Some students have difficulty understanding concepts that come up in speech, such as idiomatic lan... Read More »

SMART Board Activities & Figurative Language?

The SMART Board is a digitized, high-tech and interactive version of an ordinary whiteboard and provides educators with a powerful tool for teaching all subjects, including the finer points of figu... Read More »