Fig Tree That Produces Fruit Year-Round?

Answer Names can be deceptive, and the "everbearing" fig cultivars set up gardeners for disappointment. All fig trees are deciduous, losing their leaves and going dormant in the winter. Fig fruit appears ... Read More »

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What is the round fruit of the sycamore tree called?

The large, ball-like fruit of the sycamore tree lacks a technical name, but it is a type of achene---a dry, one-seed fruit. The fruit's appearance, once split open and emptied of seeds, has led to ... Read More »

Is there a fruit tree that bears more than one fruit?

There are no known natural fruit trees that produce more than one fruit on the same tree. There are horticulturalists who have grafted various types of fruits onto the same tree, which are known as... Read More »

Anyone had a blight on their fruit tree s etc this year, half of our apple tree appears to have died off..?

I saw a lot of Chestnuts with Bleeding Canker when I was in Suffolk, but Apples seem fine here in bonny Scotland. My only problem was birds that nipped the flowers off one of the trees. It could be... Read More »

What tree produces large white flowers that turn pink?

There are two types of trees that produce large white flowers that turn pink. The Oakleaf hydrangea tree (Hydrangea quercifolia) has large white flowers that bloom at the end of June, and then tur... Read More »