Fifties Makeup Styles?

Answer Fifties makeup styles were largely influenced by the movie stars of the day. Big screens showed close-ups of famous faces with no blemishes, causing a demand for makeup that could hide imperfection... Read More »

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Fifties Fashion & Hair and Makeup Styles?

Hair was short and curly and dresses were polished looking with either fitted or full skirts that fell below the knee. The style for women was very feminine -- floral prints were popular, gloves co... Read More »

Men's Styles in the Fifties?

Young men's fashion in the 1950s reflected the teenage mindset at the time, which was one of rebellion and riskiness due to movie stars like James Dean and Marlon Brando. The professional man's clo... Read More »

Fashion Styles for Women in Their Fifties?

Turning 50 is a huge milestone for many women. Choosing the right attire can be confusing and sometimes frustrating. At age 50, clothes don't fit the same, and wearing clothes from your earlier yea... Read More »

How to Choose Makeup if You're in Your Fifties?

For most of us, the signs of aging are impossible to ignore or hide when we're well into our fifties. At this stage of life, choosing the right makeup means paying close attention not only to the s... Read More »