Fifth Wheel Trailer Law in Texas?

Answer A fifth wheel is a travel camper that hitches to the pickup from a coupler in the bed of the pickup. Fifth wheels in Texas cannot be over 400 square feet. Texas has laws regarding towing fifth wheels.

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How to Wire a Fifth Wheel Trailer?

Fifth-wheel trailers are travel trailers with an elevated front section. The elevated section is equipped with a pendant hitch similar to that of an 18-wheeler, under which a flatbed or pickup truc... Read More »

How to Assemble a Trailer Wheel Hub?

A utility trailer can be used to haul bulky items that will not fit into your tow vehicle. A travel trailer is like a small home on wheels in which you can go on extended vacations. Trailers requir... Read More »

Can you ride in a fifth wheel trailer?

It is illegal to ride in a fifth wheel trailer in some states, yet it is legal in others. The laws regarding riding in a fifth wheel trailer vary from state to state. Many owners of fifth wheel cam... Read More »

How to Remove a Trailer Wheel?

A lot of people know how to change their tire on a personal vehicle; but when they have a problem with their RV or trailer, all that knowledge disappears. Fortunately, the basic process is the same... Read More »