Fifth Grade Science Fair Project on How to Measure Humidity?

Answer Hair consists primarily of proteins known as keratin. These keratin molecules contain a particular amino acid, or cysteine, which functions as an attachment point for another amino acid and forms a... Read More »

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How to Measure a Pulse for a Science Fair Project?

Pulse rate comes into play in many different kinds of science fair projects involving medicine, exercise or human anatomy. But, false pulse readings can give inaccurate results to a science fair pr... Read More »

How to Set Up a Science Fair Project for Fourth Grade?

Completing projects is a good way to get your fourth-graders interested in science. Add a competitive element to your students' work by challenging them to create diverse and interesting projects t... Read More »

Ideas for a Fifth-Grade Science Fair Project?

Fifth-graders have a good grasp of science and that there are many disciplines in the field. Science teachers assign science projects throughout the year as a way to assess student knowledge of cer... Read More »

Ideas for a Grade 7 Science Fair Project?

Science fairs are a wonderful opportunity for students to explore areas of personal interest. Physics, chemistry, anatomy and social sciences are just a few of the scientific branches students can ... Read More »