Ficus Shedding Leaves?

Answer Weeping ficus (Ficus benjamina) is a common addition to many indoor spaces. It is a graceful rubber tree that's relatively easy to care for. However, ficus trees are also known for their tendency t... Read More »

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Why Is My Oak Tree Shedding Leaves Now?

As the leaves of an oak tree flutter down well before the natural cycle of autumn beckons, gardeners understandably develop a concern for the health of this stately specimen. Several diseases and d... Read More »

How do I stop ficus trees from losing leaves?

Determining Cause of LossDetermine why your ficus is losing leaves. A certain amount of foliage loss is normal, natural and cannot be prevented. During the winter months or following a significant ... Read More »

Is a ficus tree dead if it loses its leaves?

A ficus tree may lose its leaves–up to 20 percent of them–in response to stress caused by a change in environment, too much or too little watering or pest infestation, but that does not mean th... Read More »

Tips for Dead Leaves on Potted Plants & Brown Spots on Leaves?

Brown-spotted or dead leaves on potted plants can be a sign of several different problems. Environmental damage, a lack of nutrients or even infection can be the causes of such problems whether the... Read More »