Fibrosarcoma in Dogs & Mouth Cancer?

Answer Dogs can develop cancer anywhere in the body. Fibrosarcoma is a type of cancer that may develop in the mouth. Dogs with any visible tumors or growths in the mouth or on the gums should be examined... Read More »

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Mouth Cancer help plz?

take care rita sometimes they do find cures and that is what you need i am sure with our prayers and time you will be ok. i had one person friend of mine had cancer in the teeth and shes ok now it... Read More »

Can you get mouth cancer from using mouthwash?

Yes, if that mouthwash contains alcohol...…After that study I changed from Savacol mouthwash to Plax Gentle (the pink one with no alcohol). It's just as good.

Why do dogs froth at the mouth?

There are a number of reasons that a dog will foam or froth at the mouth. It is important to investigate the cause of the frothing to determine the cause. If you suspect poisoning or illness, consu... Read More »

What are the warning signs of mouth cancer.?

A discoloured patch in your mouth can be a sigh of cancer