Fibromyalgia, Myofascial Pain and/or herniated disks ...............?

Answer I also have Fibro., & I am now fighting for my Social Security claim.At the time of diagnoses (Nov. '05), it had gotten so bad that I could hardly walk-my Dr. tested me for MS. Thankful that I don'... Read More »

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When do you need surgery for herniated cervical disks?

On One Hand: Nonsurgical OptionsYou may require surgery on a herniated cervical disc if traditional treatment fails. The symptoms of a herniated cervical disc should resolve themselves after six we... Read More »

Hi, i have myofascial pain as i clench my teeth alot at night and have tmj too, will this alter my appearance ?

It may. But you can have a night guard to protect your teeth and TMJ.

What causes fibromyalgia pain?

Fibromyalgia creates head-to-toe pain and constant fatigue. Your muscles, ligaments and tendons hurt and ache, making it difficult to get even little things accomplished. Sleeping can even be chall... Read More »

What can I do about fibromyalgia pain?

Because it is a set of symptoms, fibromyalgia is classified as a syndrome rather than a disease. The cause of fibromyalgia syndrome or FMS is unclear, but it is invasive, affecting every aspect of ... Read More »