Few quick problems with Substitution and some other stuff?

Answer X/8You are able to do anything if you try. Mental block? Get a tutor.

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QUICK EASY QUESTION!Should I download Google Chrome If i do, can I uninstall it if it causes any problems?

SRware Iron. Uses the same basic chrome system, but doesn't have google identity theft all over it. Best if you're paranoid, but Chrome is fine too.A portable version of Chrome is up for grabs at... Read More »

Substitution cipher?

How to Integrate by Substitution?

This How-To assumes that you know how to differentiate functions and can integrate simple functions. Integration by substitution can be achieved in two methods. The simpler method, which this How-T... Read More »

How to Factor Using Substitution?

Factoring is a process used to find the elements that go into a polynomial. A polynomial is a math expression that includes variables raised to powers. The expression x^2 + 5x + 6 is a polynomial.... Read More »