Fever Induced Reaction to Antibiotics in Children?

Answer When a child has a fever this indicates the body is reacting to a bacterial or viral infection. Antibiotics are often given when a child is sick and are usually effective in treating infections cau... Read More »

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Can your child get high fever while on antibiotics?

I'm not a doctor, but I'm a mom. If the child's on antibiotics then he/she is being treated for a bacterial infection. If the child develops a viral infection, that might cause a fever. Viruses are... Read More »

How Long Does The Average Fever Last With No Antibiotics?

You are taking ibuprofen which is a NSAID (reduces fever also aling with pain, inflammation). Duration of fever : Fever lasting for more than 4-7 days is rarely due to self limiting viral illness ... Read More »

Can your child get a high fever after taking antibiotics?

If your child has been prescribed an antibiotic and continues to run a high fever (> 103 F), one of two things are going on: 1. either the bacterial infection for which the antibiotic was prescribe... Read More »

You are 35 weeks pregnant with your third baby and you want to be induced you are not sleeping well and you have really bad hip and back pain can you be induced?

I'm 39 weeks prego with my third child and I'm feeling the same way! But i think it is all up to the doc. My doc won;t induce until my cervix is effaced. I've been havng regular contractions for 6 ... Read More »