Fertilizing on FARMVILLE!!!?

Answer 1. Visit a neighbors farm2. help your neighbor (Scare away Crows, Gophers, Rake Leaves, etc)3. Farmville will randomly determine whether or not you’ll receive the bags of fertilizer.a. If you did... Read More »

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Can I Mow My Lawn After Fertilizing?

On One Hand: Mowing is NecessaryAccording to all, fertilizing is done before the growing season and expected rain and up to four or five times a year. Mowing the lawn is necessary if... Read More »

How often should I water the lawn after fertilizing it?

Water the lawn immediately after fertilizing it, unless you are using a "Weed and Feed" formulation. Wait one to two days to water your lawn after using a Weed and Feed fertilizer. Then resume norm... Read More »

Can you aerate a lawn after fertilizing it?

Aeration is the process of placing holes in a lawn to allow air to circulate through the soil better and permit nutrients through. Aeration can be performed after fertilization, but it is best to a... Read More »

Fertilizing & Reseeding Grass?

Grass often becomes thin in high traffic areas, especially on sports turfs. To repair bald spots, gardeners can plant new grass seed and fertilize it to help it fill in. Gardeners should also occas... Read More »