Ferns in the Rainforests?

Answer With over 12,000 different species worldwide, ferns are a prolific variety of plant. Admired for their attractive leaves, they are cultivated as houseplants, but they also grow in the wild, especia... Read More »

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Do rainforests have ecosystems?

Rain forests do have ecosystems. The ecosystems of rain forests are the most complex and diverse in the world. Rain forests make up only 6 percent of the earth's land, but hold about one half of th... Read More »

Leaf Adaptations in Rainforests?

In the rainforest environment, the leaves of plants adapt to ensure that they are able to deal with extreme conditions in the rainforest, such as heavy rainfall. The vast amount of vegetation in ra... Read More »

How to Create Urban Rainforests?

From Empty Lots To This?Most urban areas have undeveloped land that can be utilized productively. Follow these steps to create an oasis where people can meet, learn and develop new interests.

Species of Medicinal Plants in Rainforests?

Plants found in the rainforest may have a direct impact on the health and well being of people around the world. Rainforests are the source of nearly half of the Earth's species of plants; 25 perce... Read More »