Fern Lighting Conditions?

Answer Lighting is an important consideration for growing ferns. These graceful, delicate-looking plants actually are hardier than they look, but they still have specific comfort zones in which they thriv... Read More »

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Best way to diffuse flash in low lighting conditions?

What camera? What flash? What distance? What subject?On my external flashgun I use a Sto-fen Omnibounce diffuser. On the studio flashes I use softboxes or a brolly.I don't use the cameras pop-up f... Read More »

Is a Boston fern the same as a sword fern?

The terms Boston and sword fern both refer to the same plant, the Nephrolepis exaltata. Native to tropical regions, the fern ranges from 6 in. to 7 ft. in height and usually grows to widths of 2 ft... Read More »

Which of the following terms best describe congential disorders choose 2 a Conditions that are present at birth b Non-infectious diseases c Conditions that can be hereditary or genetic d?

Any suggestions on affordable lighting ideas for lighting a "green screen" for chroma keying?

try portable halogen work's a quick search result:…