Females, which guy would you rather date?

Answer The hot guy, hands down.

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This is a question for all females?

Wow that's a great idea! =] I like itHmmm..This is quite hard for me, because I have a lot of insecurities but I tend to hide them from others so they think I'm happy with who I am. Fake I know.I g... Read More »

For females who have a tattoo or more........?

To me, it was one of those erotic kind of tingly painful sensations. It does give you a minor sensation of pain, I don't think it can be compared to a cat scratch or a papercut or anything. I have ... Read More »

My Lil Sis is Worried She's 12 and still has not gotten "IT" (FEMALES ONLY!)?

Reassure her that we all develop at different rates and that other girls will ALWAYS find something to make a BIG DEAL out of or even pick on her. Teach her to NOT react when others are fools this... Read More »

Females Tattoo's ?

I personally, and stronglly agree wth the question asker, jimmy the one, mostly in the area of so called "AR*E ANTLERS". My wife,and I and my three year old son where in a crowded lift, when chavi... Read More »