Female reproductive part in a flower?

Answer Pistil

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Which part of the flower contains the female reproductive system?

According to the University of Arizona Extension manual for Master Gardeners, the pistil of a flower contains the female reproductive system. The pistil is a long structure in the center of the flo... Read More »

What is the female part of a flower called?

The female part of the flower is called the pistil. The pistil consists of four parts: the stigma traps the pollen, the style is the stem that connects the stigma to the ovary, the ovary hold the ... Read More »

How to Distinguish Between the Male & Female Part of a Flower?

Flowers shapes, sizes and colors vary widely by plant species. However, most flowers do contain recognizable male and/or female reproductive parts. A single flower can have a mix of male and female... Read More »

How many parts are in the female reproductive system?

The female reproductive system has organs, internal and external structures, and glands working together during a women's lifetime. There are 18 components and associated glands (two vestibular, nu... Read More »