Female question?

Answer I am not a woman, however I will tell you that one of the best things for cramping is to regularly take calcium. Not centrum or one of those one a day pills, but calcium from a health food store, ... Read More »

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A question for my female contacts ONLY! Guys...DO NOT click on this question!! WARNING!! WARNING!!?

Damn you! I thought this was going to be a sexy female problem question where half of the ladies answered with some form of "Occulty"

Question about some female plumbing issues...?

I'm thinking that this doesn't quite belong in Maintenance and Repairs. You could have a plumber check it out, but a gynecologist would probably be a better option.

A question about female anatomy...Guy Contacts...DO NOT click on this....?

Mine's a bit easier to locate and play with as well. And I've shoved 3 babbies through there in the last 5 years. You're welcome for the visual.

[question to males] Does a female with tattoos turn you 'on' or 'off'?

To be honest I have to say that I don't like tattoos on women.Not a fan of them anyway except on my grandad, he got it during the war and it is part of his history.