Female masturbation?

Answer I do it enough to compensate for all those women who say they don't.

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Female Masturbation Help:(?

You should be fine. You're not in any danger unless youactually cut something in there. Also, the reason why the woman cut herself with the carrot was because she shaved the carrot before using it ... Read More »

Do you have any tips for female masturbation?

Go to the bathroom. Slowly undress yourself in front of the mirror while caressing your body as you do so. I'd suggest bringing ice-cubes with you as it adds to the experience. Once your top is off... Read More »

Is humping pillows masturbation, and is it normal for a female?

its totally normal, dont be guilty.. go to google and type Female humping Pillow, and you will see your not alone.

If fecal matter gets into the urinary tract of an adult female causing bladder infections why is the same not true of female infants?

It really depends on how often he or she does it. If they wet maybe once a month, they will stop soon, don't worry. If they do it 3 times a week, i would put them in pullups at night, they wont wan... Read More »