Felt a slight feeling of pain on my right chest?

Answer And you would get air pockets into your body how? Sorry, that doesn't make sense at all. Something you did caused your back muscles to tighten up and when they are tight they can press into the n... Read More »

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Chest Pain, a collapse feeling?

I would hope they checked your Gaul Bladder and checked for kidney stones. A chest X-ray would not hurt either. Good Luck!

I've been feeling pain in the left side of my chest, is it heart problem?

Nothing is wrong as such, in certain races the platelet go low during summer as per my experience. They revert to normal within a week, so nothing to worry.Are you sedentary or under stress? it hap... Read More »

Is a slight burning feeling in your stomach or a burning cold feeling in your breast a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Yes, I get the burning a bit in my breasts, and i have had tingling in my stomache. I am 5 weeks along.

Could it be a sign of pregnancy if after having sex you got a really bad pain and felt like something was being hit and felt like you were going to be sick?

Answer Pregnancy can always happen when you have intercourse, so check yourself out. But from the symptoms you are describing, it does not sound like they are coming from the pregnancy itself. You... Read More »