Fellow vegetarians/ and or vegans as well do you think .................?

Answer Flax seed and flax seed oil are perfectly acceptable for vegetarians. If the supplement to which you refer is not flax seed, or flax seed oil, but rather flax seed oil capsules and the capsule con... Read More »

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Hi fellow vegans and vegetarians, what's your opinion on this ?

I personally don't think V&V should have anything to do with MCDs etc.Lets face it, they will not direct the profit they make from you to widen thier veggie choice. They wil use it to expand thier ... Read More »

A question for fellow moral vegetarians/vegans!?

Why not make a hamburger from your mom and dad when they die? They're just a piece of meat then. Same logic. I'm not a moral vegetarian but this is a twisted question, I tried to show why.

Vegetarians and Vegans, what do you find annoying about other Vegetarian and Vegans?

I dislike it when other vegans wear shirts or bumper stickers that say," Heart attacks, God's revenge for people eating meat, or " Meat it's what 's rotting in your colon". I also dislike the fact... Read More »

Fellow vegetarians is it ever acceptable to eat meat?

Being vegetarian means you don't eat meat, even if your family is cooking it. A lot of people don't have much money and manage to be vegetarian. Often a vegetarian diet will save money because thin... Read More »