Fell on a Curb! Help!!?

Answer You will defiantly need crutches, but a doctor will need to decide whether to cast it or not. It sounds like you probably will need a cast from the ankle to just below the knee, or if the shin inju... Read More »

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Which way do I curb my car wheels when parking uphill where there is no curb?

If you are parking your car on the right side of the road facing uphill and the road has no curb, turn your front wheels all the way to the right. This way, if your car rolls downhill, it will rol... Read More »

How to Help Curb the Effects of Global Warming?

Global warming has a catastrophic effect on the natural environment. While the world is falling apart, individual effort has to be made, to induce positive and healing change, to help preserve our ... Read More »

What are some things I can do to help curb this craving for a cigarette?

Write down how much money you spend on them per week and multiply that by 52 and see how much money you burn each year to ruin your health. Pray and ask God to take the craving away if you believe... Read More »

My Toe Fell Off. Help me fix it?

Put gunpowder on the toe stub and light it with a match to stop the bleeding... give the severed toe to a homeless person.