Feline Impacted Colon Disease?

Answer Constipation is horribly uncomfortable--even for cats. If left untreated, feline constipation can progress into the more serious condition of impacted colon disease, or megacolon. This disease is n... Read More »

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Feline Bowel Disease?

Pet owners find feline bowel disease, also referred to as inflammatory bowel disease, difficult to manage, as the cat's symptoms are often severe. Treatment exists that aids the cat to some degree,... Read More »

Feline Cat Disease Symptoms?

Most diseases commonly found in cats can be easily prevented. Having a cat vaccinated on schedule and keeping him indoors will greatly reduce the risk of him contracting many cat-related illnesses.... Read More »

Information on Feline Vestibular Disease?

According to, feline vestibular disease, also known as idiopathic vestibular disease, is a problem that affects cats of all ages. Cats display symptoms that are caused by changes to t... Read More »

Feline Metabolic Bone Disease?

Cats cannot tell their owners when they are not feeling well but changes in behavior are a good indicator that something may be wrong with a cat. Feline metabolic bone disease is easy to treat and ... Read More »