Fees for cancelling Virgin media package?

Answer you will need to get in touch with some cases they will, let you out of the contract.tell them about it, they will sort some thing out.

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Does the virgin media super hub work with the 20 meg package?

I've got the 10MB pack, and virgin said they'll have to give me a new router when I get my free upgrade.

Virgin media: problem with the Virgin media television box....?

this used to happen to me but then afterwoods i switched to sky. the problem was/might be that your card is dirty. thats mainly the problem or that your box gets heated really quickly, just clean t... Read More »

Virgin Media?

I didnt have any problems what so ever until they took over now im on the phone just about every week tring to sort something out. "if it wasnt broken why try fix it" now my box keeps getting the m... Read More »

Virgin media problem?

u could try disconnectin the cables an re trying, if ur stuck id gie them a ring, be careful tho if its something uve done they charge u for comming out!