Feels like there is something in my eye but there isn't.?

Answer You have a nano byte in there and someones seeing what you see like big brother watching you from the skys.:p

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Tampon won't go init feels like there is something in the way?

This is a very common question on here - don't worry! We all had this problem at first.I thought that vaginas went straight up into your body. This isn't true for all women. For some women it's ang... Read More »

I can see shadows and things in my eyes., like a man standing there when there isnt one?

I s there anyway to get Imessage on a apple ipodtouch 8g 2nd generation or something like that is there a app for it?

It feels like there is water in my nose?

Your nasal passages are irritated. The water has already drained out or been absorbed.