Feelings of guilt for animal products I ate before went vegetarian?

Answer @ Robert S, no we don't need meat. Do some research. We don't have pointy teeth like a carnivore. Also, meat can be very hard on the digestive system.Piscespets, I understand entirely. Personally I... Read More »

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How to Overcome Feelings of Guilt?

It wasn't me… honest…Feelings of guilt can be depressing and keep you from moving forward with your life. Here are some tips and ideas on how to get over guilt.

If a vegetarian feeds his cats on a vegetarian diet, is this an animal cruelty?

Cats are carnivores; vets never recommend vegetarian diets for cats. Vegetarian diets for cats exist, but they put the animal at risk for heart problems due to lack of taurine, and other conditions... Read More »

Is vegetarian diet reduces sex feelings?

well if you went completely vegan instead of vegetarian you'd have the highest amounts of testosterone possible. But sadly, if you're vegetarian your levels won't be much different from someone who... Read More »

How come i got fatter after i went vegetarian?

It's all the simulated crap.Full of fat and carbs