Feeling uncomfortable (down there)?

Answer No, but the brown stuff is discharge and no, that's not why

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Uncomfortable feeling in my jaw all day?

Sounds like TMJ try a night guard see if it helps since tmj is commonly caused by grinding during sleep

Why do I get an uncomfortable feeling when I sleep on my side.?

maybe your muscles are just too tight.stand legs shoulder width apart, or a litte further apart.try stretching your torso to the top-left-corner of the room, like a side stretch, but dontt lean ove... Read More »

How to Dress Formally Without Feeling Uncomfortable?

Formal clothes are infamous for being uncomfortable, but they do not need to be. Feel and look your best by choosing simple pieces that flatter your figure without squeezing you too tight. Stick wi... Read More »

A scar of mine gives off a continuous uncomfortable feeling?

Lizzy, I actually had this sensation with a scar I have on my shoulder a couple years ago. It is most likely psychological, but you should still be cautious and visit a doctor, to make sure that it... Read More »