Feeling light headed and nauseous?

Answer I'm sorry. I'd give it back but I've already used it on my new paintings, and it's all dried up now. There was some spare blood left but...I consumed it.

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Just wondering is it normal if i been light headed since I slept and woke up and still feeling light headed?

It's not exactly normal, but you may be able to fix it by eating something to hold you over until your first meal and then get some fresh air and see if you feel any better.Skyler DiPasquale.

Why would I get dizzy, light headed and nauseous after sex?

Well it actually could have nothing to do with the fact that you and your husband just had sex. It could be as simple as you stood up too fast. And yes it can affect you even up to 30 minutes after... Read More »

Why am I feeling dizzy and light-headed?

Ok so you don't think you are dehydrated. My guesses are, low blood sugar or low blood pressure. And to diagnose either, you need to see a doctor.

Feeling fatigued and light headed?

Are you drinking enough fluids? Sometimes you may get these symptoms after being ill, they're called after-effects by some people. Signs of dehydration include:• apathy (lack of interest or enthu... Read More »