Feeling insecure lately :( please help?

Answer Insecure about what? The fact that you have a perfect skin tone? A beautiful smile? Ideal height and weight? I think you're very pretty, plus you seem to have an interesting, outgoing personality! :D

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Why have i been feeling very pregnant lately howeverI took a preg test and it came up negative however I still have all the signs that i am very pregnant. help please?

Answer go see a doctor is my advice!and do another pregnancy test

Medical help: Lately I have had a sensitive feeling on the right side of my groin?

Left or right? Have you touched it? If you feel a little lump in the pelvic area it might be a lymph node. This could mean infection in the area. If it's just a strain or pulling then it could be a... Read More »

I'm getting really constipated lately.. Please help!?

All fruit and vegetables in very large amounts are laxative.You need to permanently change your diet or you are likely to get colon cancer.Constipation can make you extremely unwell and can lead to... Read More »

Im feeling weird....please help!!!please!!?

For starters, I suggest you start eating three meals a day because when you only eat two meals a day your body thinks you are starving and collects all your fat and stores it away in preparation of... Read More »