Feeling dizzy, what's wrong with me?

Answer Hmm sounds like the problem here is that your dizzy and lightheaded. Most likely that's why your feeling that way.

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Headaches, vomiting, nausea, dizzy..whats wrong with me?

It could be an inner ear problem probably related to the TMJ that you said you had. I have had the same problem related to my neck due to Fibromyalgia.TMJ is also a related condition of Fibromyalgi... Read More »

Since morning my heart has been beating unnormaly fast. aT 128... im 16 and i feel warm and dizzy whats wrong?

OK dont listen to any of these fools!!!!OK... Ventricular tachycardia... is way out of what you have dont worry...If you have a fever your pulse rate increases which is normal....You do not need an... Read More »

Your nips are tender and you are bloated tired dizzy stomach aches but you just finshed your p 2 wks ago whats wrong can i be pregnant?

I'm feeling really dizzy?

Drink a cup of water with like 3 table spoon of sugar it helps. And if there someone home to help you ask for help.