Feeling cold?

Answer poor circulation then again could be alot of reasons i would see your doctor.

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Is a slight burning feeling in your stomach or a burning cold feeling in your breast a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Yes, I get the burning a bit in my breasts, and i have had tingling in my stomache. I am 5 weeks along.

I M feeling like cold will catch me?

take tylanol or Advildrink ginger tearest in your beddon't pass it to

What are the causes of chills&feeling very cold?

Chills and the feeling of being very cold can be caused by several factors, such as illness or exposure to the cold. Shivering and paleness of the skin may occur.VirusesChills are natural when your... Read More »

Tingling hot feeling above lip, could it be a cold sore?

That's beyond a cold sore. I thought that's what it was for me too at first, but I was wrong. It's full on oral herpes. It takes a few days to set in, but you'll start breaking out in sores in and ... Read More »