Feelin tired body& eyes, gridiness, thirsty, throat infection all the time, mouth ulcer, bad breath?

Answer Visit a nephrologis.may be kidney disorder

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Headache, mouth ulcer, bad breath and aching jaw?

Is the suspected ulcer showing signs of improvement? You could be aggravating it more with the medication and mouthwash. (mouthwash is a basically alcohol, and alcohol does act as an antiseptic, bu... Read More »

Why I'm I thirsty and tired all the time?

You might have diabetes. You may also have a low thyroid. You need to seek medical attention.

Im thirsty and urinate all the time...and i get very weak and tired and shaky?

Why cant you breath through your nose and breath out your mouth at the same time?

It's not possible, because it depends upon your lungs bringing air in or out...and it can only send air in one direction at a time.