Feel sick to the stomach after consuming meat. Why is this?

Answer It is natural. Stop eating meat and you will feel better. Your conscience is most likely feeling so guilty it is causing your body to react to that overwhelming feeling of guilt, which makes you ... Read More »

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I feel disgusted after looking at human meat pictures online. Now I refuse to eat meat. Is this wrong?

A vegan (meat and dairy free) diet offers an astounding range of health, environmental and moral benefits.

Why do some people feel like they're hot (temperature, not "sexy") after consuming alcohol?

As a result of peripheral vasodilation (widening of small blood vessels) the face becomes flushed and the drinker will feel warm, although in fact a greater amount of body heat is lost.This is real... Read More »

I accidentally ate meat and now I feel really sick?

You took a 'tiny bite', and now you're sick and nauseous? I'm sorry, but I think it's all in your head and you're playing the drama queen role a bit too much. Get over it; meat didn't kill you befo... Read More »

Why do I always feel sick to my stomach in the mornings?

Either from the way you sleep or your body is a bit more sensitive than others.Depending on how you sleep, you may cause discomfort to certain parts of your system. I know that sleeping, I think on... Read More »