Feel dizzy, lightheaded and random little headache?

Answer It’s probably stress related.Plagued with headaches from childhood to middle age I have had many different types: Migraines, Cluster, Allergic, Visual and mild. The following has helped me and ot... Read More »

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What does it mean if get dizzy/lightheaded out of nowhere?

You might have an ear infection that you got from the baby. There's a part in your ear that controls balance and can make you feel dizzy. Here's a link on vertigo that is often cased by the inner... Read More »

Why am i so dizzy and lightheaded?

hypoglycemia, dehydration, inner ear problems...

Lightheaded, dizzy, blackouts?

Get your levels checked. It could be low/high blood sugar or a vitamin deficiency. See a doctor.

Insulin resistant, dizzy & lightheaded, do I need to eat some sugar or what?

Metformin also used in the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome, and has been investigated for other diseases where insulin resistance may be an important factor. Metformin works by suppressing g... Read More »