Feeding vegetarians organically grown vegetables?

Answer Well, there really isn't an answer to this as it depends on the vegetarian and their reasons for being one. I would suggest that probably the answer is NO to anybody calling themselves a vegan th... Read More »

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Do vegetables grown in the city absorb pollution and are these vegetables as healthy and safe as those grown in the country?

As you might expect, opinions on this issue differ among experts. Plants definitely do absorb all sorts of chemicals from the air (primarily carbon dioxide!), but the chemistry of the conduction ch... Read More »

How are conventionally grown foods different from organically grown food?

The addition of modern chemicals. They have chemicals to keep bugs away, to keep the food from smelling, frm keeping the food going bad, to keep the food polished, and only conventionally grown fo... Read More »

Are organically grown foods really healthier than conventionally grown foods?

My humble experience--the pesticides used on produce are generally harmless in regards to humans, ecspecially if you wash/peel them well. I've been VERY ill from organic produce. And yes, I traced ... Read More »

Why are organically-grown veggies more expensive than ordinary ones?

Mainly it is because it costs a lot of money to be officially certified organic.Also, because they don't use the commercial fertilizers and pesticides which are very cheap in comparison to the natu... Read More »