Feed Back?

Answer This happens when the microphone is too close to other electronics. A microphone works by electronic magnified sound waves. When too close too other electronics these signals may cross, causing f... Read More »

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Any one own a kindel want feed back?

Feed back on my youtube channel?

not another gaming channel if you enjoy it not just for the games continue but if you want to get views gaming channels are too common to get popular

Will a robin feed a baby bird put back in the nest?

According to, a teacher resource site run by the Annenberg Media, robins rely on vision and hearing, not the sense of smell, to identify their babies. Handling a baby robin to return it... Read More »

Back-feed Dial tone through existing wall port?

Yes, that is the correct way to use the back-feed method,by disconnecting the old service,you can use the in house wiring.If you would like to use a phone at the location of the modem,plug a 2way a... Read More »