Federal Labor Relations Training?

Answer The Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) provides training in federal labor relations. The FLRA, an independent administrative federal agency, manages labor management relations programs for 1.... Read More »

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Labor Relations Specialist Training?

A labor relations specialist negotiates specifics within employee contracts, such as earnings, benefits, work conditions and raises. A labor relations specialist maintains relationships between emp... Read More »

What was the name of the late 19th century intellectual idea or doctrine that influenced US race relations immigration policy labor relations and foreign policy?

National Labor Relations Act?

Tensions between labor and management reached a boiling point in the 1930s, leading to factory takeovers, citywide strikes and violent confrontations between pro-union workers and anti-union employ... Read More »

Employment and Labor Relations Act?

The Employment and Labor Relations Act was passed by the Tanzanian parliament in 2004 with the intention of protecting laborers' rights. The laws set forth in this act are in effect for all employe... Read More »