Federal Death Benefits?

Answer The Federal government provides death benefits for government employees and other U.S. citizens. Depending on what you qualify for, several programs could provide your family with a monthly payment... Read More »

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Does federal disability insurance have to be paid back after your death?

According to the Social Security Administration, benefits that an individual receives from the Social Security Disability Insurance program do not have to be repaid upon death, although any benefit... Read More »

Government Death Benefits?

In the United States, the average cost of a funeral is rising. Death is hard enough on survivors, who are then left with a hefty bill to cover everything from the cost of a burial plot to the cost ... Read More »

Michigan Medicaid Death Benefits?

The State Emergency Relief program through the Department of Human Services for the state of Michigan can help pay for burial expenses if a deceased person or their family cannot afford them. Fill ... Read More »

Are there taxes on insurance death benefits?

As a general rule, death benefits from a life insurance plan are not taxable. The notable exception is if a person taking the benefits is doing so in installments. If there is interest earned on th... Read More »