Fed up & p*ssed off!!!!! I'm sick of trying and getting nowhere. Who can help?

Answer You Right, I would be careful on all the advise !! I know from experience, a whole day working on my P.C. from a seemingly knowing person about my problem, to my surprise he knew nothing about wha... Read More »

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I thought I was done w/ the nausea part, but I've been getting sick all week. Is my babby trying to trick me?

Have you been watching that series V? Well the aliens all look like dinosons but they are disguised as humans. A human mom got pregnante with a V dad and he had to steal some phosphorous for her ... Read More »

I will not answer anymore i keep getting reported for just trying to help you guys *?

that's to bad you helped me a few times your a good person its sad to see you go >

Have been trying to Jailbreak an iPhone 3G 3.1.2 firmware for quite a while now and keep getting stuck in the recovery mode can someone please help?

Of course! It can Email them, text them, print them, and tweet them.

I feel like Im getting a cold, how can I prevent myself from getting full blown sick?

2000 mg vitimin C is by far the best.Some people swear by Zicam, and Airborn.