Fecal dust?

Answer is this some new fart in my mouth fetish i'm not aware of?

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When u dust room, aren't u just moving dust about?

Sounds like your excuse for not dusting ?

Fecal Soil Analysis?

Human and animal feces contain many bacteria. Animal feces are used as fertilizer for some plants and vegetables. The microbial diversity that feces contribute to soil is generally a good thing. It... Read More »

Could i have a fecal impaction?

As laxatives and stool softeners don't seem to be working perhaps there is a blockage in the system that requires a visit to your doctor.Before you see a doctor perhaps you could try castor oil as ... Read More »

How do I remove fecal stains from a carpet?

PreparationScoop up any solid feces from the surface of the carpet using a paper towel or a piece of old newspaper. Blot moisture from the stain with a folded paper towel, and pick up any loose par... Read More »