Features of a Proxy Server?

Answer Proxy servers can be implemented on any machine. The key features of the server are not hardware related, but lie in the software that operates the proxy. A proxy is a computer that acts on behalf ... Read More »

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Proxy server and normal server?

A proxy server basically forwards your request on your behalf, for a webpage, file or whatever, to the server that holds the information you requested.So it goes from you to the proxy to the reques... Read More »

Squid Proxy Features?

Squid is a caching proxy often used to speed up web servers by caching frequently requested pages. This enables websites to function without prohibitively expensive bandwidth upgrades, allowing con... Read More »

What is a proxy server ip?

A proxy server allows people to make indirect connections with other networks. An IP, or Internet Protocol, address is a unique number assigned to every computer on the Internet. The IP address is ... Read More »

What is a proxy server for psp?

A PSP proxy server is a piece of hardware that acts as a secure conduit between your PSP and another device and allows you to transfer information between them in a secure setting.FunctionThe PSP d... Read More »